El Andaluz

El Andaluz is one of many CalPot collaborations with architect-designer extraordinaire Jeff Shelton. This three-story commercial-residential complex won several Santa Barbara Beautiful awards, including two for CalPot.

CalPot is the tile go-to source for Shelton to bring his one-of-kind tile designs to life in clay and glaze in many of his projects. At times whimsical, other times tribal or inspired by nature, they are all colorful. CalPot handmade thousands of Shelton-designed ceramics for the project.

In particular, CalPot developed a new tile glaze technique to create Shelton’s vision for Moroccan-style arches throughout the complex.

“We applied one coat of glaze in a conventional manner and then splattered another color glaze on top of that like Jackson Pollock did for his paintings,” explains CalPot’s Sean McLean. Larger white-on-red/red-on-white and blue-on-white/white-on-blue tiles were sliced to produce an estimated 27,500, 1-inch by 8-1/4-inch tiles that were randomly applied to each archway.

“That was a first for us,” Sean said. “It was a lot of fun.”   

CalPot produced all the tile for fountains, walkways, planters and more throughout the   complex (see photo 6).

See more photos of this project on Shelton’s website at https://www.jeffsheltonarchitect.com/el-andaluz/