Ablitt House Project

The Ablitt Tower House is an architectural must-see landmark in Santa Barbara; even the late Huell Howser toured the home for his California’s Gold series on PBS. This is  another CalPot collaboration with its architect Jeff Shelton.

The residence sits on a 20-by-20-square-foot lot in the heart of Old Town Santa Barbara. It has four stories, one for each living area – first floor: garage, second floor: master bedroom, third floor: kitchen fourth floor: living room and terrace on the roof.

Shelton designed all the tile patterns, which CalPot produced to his specifications – including those used in archways (photo 11: 11-foot by 11-foot garage surround), stair  risers, walls, countertops and around an embedded wine rack (photo 12).

Photo 3: Curved tile used in archways. Photo 4: tile walls and tile “floor rug” in living room.

More photos: https://www.jeffsheltonarchitect.com/ablitt-tower/