County of Los Angeles Recognizes California Pottery and Tile Works For Contributions to Restoration of Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial

California Pottery and Tile Works (CalPot) received a certificate of recognition from the County of Los Angeles at the rededication ceremonies for the restored Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial in downtown Los Angeles on July 3, 2019 – 61 years to the day after it was originally dedicated. The certificate, presented to CalPot co-owner Sean McLean, […]

CalPot Collaborates With Artist Rigo 23 on ‘Pebbles In A Pond’ Mural

California Pottery and Tile Works has become the go-to tile producer for artists creating massive murals. The latest project is Los Angeles artist Rigo 23’s Pebbles In A Pond, a 24-foot-by-72-foot mural for the Making Waves Academy in Richmond, California. The mural contains 15,500 to 20,000 tiles, the artist estimated. Rigo explained the project: “Formally, […]

Finding Treasures Among CalPot’s Seconds, Overrun Tiles

When Elizabeth Chin and her husband Adrian renovated the bathroom in their circa 1940 home in the Montecito Heights area of Los Angeles, she set out to find tile to decorate the enlarged shower. The project also gave her a chance to explore a passion of hers – decorative tile. “I’m nuts for tile,” Elizabeth […]

Update: Waterfall Flows Again at Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial in Downtown Los Angeles

California Pottery and Tile Works Produced Tiles for Mural Restoration In summer 2018, California Pottery and Tile Works (CalPot) produced tiles for an historic restoration of a 3,700-square-foot mosaic tile mural at the Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial in downtown Los Angeles. The tile mural backed a waterfall fountain when the memorial was dedicated in 1958. […]

CalPot Creates Tiles for New Urth Caffé in Las Vegas

When Urth Caffé co-owners Shallom and Jilla Berkman began planning their location in Las Vegas at the new Wynn Plaza, they contacted California Pottery and Tile Works. Urth Caffé at Wynn Plaza opened Nov. 10. Jilla Berkman, Urth’s Lead Designer, has collaborated with CalPot’s owners Sean and Desmond McLean for tile designs of its Southern […]

Emails Like This Make All of Us So Proud and Happy

Friends of Cal Pottery, On behalf of my rather large Ventura County family, our priest and the community of Our Lady of the Assumption Church, I would like to thank you all for your patience, diligence and overall collective creative genius in developing what is now a beloved artistic treasure in our church. When I […]

Bringing Sonia Romero’s Mural ‘Lady Artesia’ to Life

Los Angeles artist Sonia Romero’s mural “Lady Artesia” pays tribute to the residents, their cultures, the history, the industries and community life of the City of Artesia in Southern California. Romero commissioned California Pottery and Tile Works to produce tiles for the mural that graces the entrance to the Artesia Public Library. “I chose CalPot because they […]

CalPot Completes Restoration Project at Historic Fort Moore in Downtown Los Angeles

California Pottery and Tile Works (CalPot) has completed its latest historic restoration – a 3,700-square-foot tile mosaic wall that is part of the Fort Moore Memorial in downtown Los Angeles. The memorial is clearly visible on the west side of Hill Street between Chinatown and downtown. Drivers probably wondered what was going on behind the […]