Santa Barbara Zoo: Santa Barbara, California

CalPot designed and produced the tiles for The Animal Kingdom Fountain at the Santa Barbara Zoo. The fountain is a memorial for Jack C. Bowen by his wife Shelby.
The tiles murals celebrate the Zoo’s collection – giraffe, elephants, toucan, penguins, flamingo, monkey, frogs and others.
Production started with CalPot’s original drawing enlarged to exact size that was then traced onto acetate. The acetate was transferred to silkscreen to create the resist lines onto ceramic bisque in preparation for the hand-glazed finish.
CalPot created new, textured glazes, multiple firings and sculptured clay bodies to enhance the animal shapes in this fountain. Take note of the monkey’s tail at the top of the fountain. It breaks the “frame” of the mural to bring a 3-dimensional quality to the design. That tail was hand-made by Sean McLean.
“These types of projects are as exciting for CalPot as they are for the client,” said Sean.